new heights

New Heights is an arts-in-education program, conceived by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, to expose middle and high school students to the classical architecture all around them in cities and neighborhoods across America. Exposing young people to architecture inspires creativity and strategic thinking, invites them to reflect on and learn from the past, and promotes an understanding of human culture, which fosters a more global worldview.

The program consists of in-class lectures and drawing classes taught by ICAA educators and architects on architecture, history, place-making, building practices, plaster molding, stone carving, etc. The program leads students through city
and neighborhood architectural walking tours to experience local architecture and field trips. New Heights will also provide a valuable introduction to the many career opportunities in the fields of architecture and the allied arts.

The benefits of incorporating the arts into secondary school education programs are numerous and well-documented. Architecture is a particularly unique and applicable art form as it utilizes many disciplines at once and is already apparent in students’ everyday lives. This program was well received at Alamo Heights in San Antonio.


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